About Us

In 2009, a team of strong-willed entrepreneurs decided to change the educational landscape of Namakkal district with the idea of bringing good quality education to all. They laid the foundation for the first ever CBSE school in Komarapalayam through Sree Vaari Trust that they formed together. And thus started the journey of Royal International School. From modest beginnings to being one the largest privately run educational institutes in the country, the school is today educating a number of children and creating a talent pool for society.


To dream and to see it live in action requires a vision, strength, patience, leadership qualities and above all, an unwavering belief in the dream. The members of the Sree Vaari Trust believed in themselves and set about turning their dream into reality. Today, these founders head Royal International School with a vision to impart quality education to all children.

Mr. A.Anbalagan:

The chairman of the school is a man of many dimensions. Mr. A.Anbalagan is a born leader with an unflinching commitment to achieve excellence in imparting education. His eye for detail and his yen for creating instruction material that is relevant to today’s world makes his contribution to Royal International School very significant.

Mr. G.Murugesan:

An entrepreneur by profession, Mr. Murugesan is also the secretary of the school. With a cool-head and a calm disposition, his passion towards education is an asset to Royal. A role-model to many students and faculty members, he aids in the smooth functioning of the school.

Mrs. Kavitha Anand:

Treasurer of the school, supporter of women’s causes and a social worker, Mrs. Kavitha Anand wears many hats. Her interest in creating a change in society, helping the poor and promoting the welfare of senior citizens has earned her a lot of respect. She plays a key role in administration of the school and is an inspiration to the faculty and students.