Royal International School follows the CBSE system. Our curriculam is designed in such a way that all important aspects of holistic education are included. When choosing a school, parents take into consideration the board the school follows, the school’s reputation and its teachers.
Often it is a curriculam that defines the difference between mediocre and quality education. However most of the times, parents fail to check on the curriculam and its implementation.

At Royal, the importance is on following a sound and well-balanced curriculam that improves the standard of education and level of understanding in students. We do not believe in long and unproductive hours in a classroom. In fact, we encourage our students to step beyond classroom boundaries and explore subjects practically. The number of students in each class is only around twenty three.

  • Kindergarten – Montessori method of teaching
  • Primary school – Activity based learning
  • High school- Activity based learning + HOTS assessment + CCE
  •  Senior school- Activity based learning + HOTS assessment + CCE

HOTS or Higher Order Thinking Skills Higher are those skills in the top three levels: analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. These three skill levels are important in critical thinking.

CCE or Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) is a system that helps reduce pressure on children during/before examinations as the student will have to sit for multiple tests throughout the year.

Royal International School has all the facilities required for the all-round growth of students.

New teaching aids:
  • Classes are made exciting with the use of audio-visual aids like LCD projectors and audio players
  • Subjects are taught like stories using multimedia
  • Language labs, science and mathematics labs and computer science labs encourage students to learn practically
  • The usage of black board is minimal
Learning-friendly Classrooms:
  • Classrooms are designed like studios with provision for all audio-video equipment
  • The rooms are large and properly ventilated
  • The teacher-student ratio is 1:24
  • The teacher has ample time to concentrate on every student
Exclusive Playground:
  • A vast play-area to accommodate all kinds of sports like basketball, volley ball, tennis, hockey, football, roller skating and so much more
  • Separate area for each game
  • Students are trained by professional coaches in their respective areas of specialisation
  • Meditation, yoga and gardening are also offered to students
Top-class Medical Facility:
  • General Medical Checkup for every student
  • A thorough medical examination for all students every six months
  • Medical records are maintained for all students
Our teachers are our strength. We recruit highly qualified and trained teachers who identify with our dream.At Royal, teachers are not just mere educators. They mould and influence young minds in a positive way and function as role- models.

When we appoint a teacher we look for these five basic qualities in her/him – Vision, Passion, Integrity, Connectivity and Intelligence. The candidates who apply for teaching positions in Royal are put through rigorous tests and selection procedures before being appointed.

Comprehensive Selection Process:
  • We have a number of guidelines and criteria that a candidate has to fulfill before becoming a part of Royal International School
  • All applications are screened well and a thorough background check of the candidates are carried out
  • The short-listed candidates go through a screening interview, a written aptitude test, Q & A sessions and have to demonstrate their teaching skills
  • The selected candidates will possess all qualities that is expected of a good teacher
Programmes for Faculty:

As part of our various skill- training programmes, we also impart special training to our teachers on a regular basis to keep them updated about new trends and methodologies in teaching. Teachers at Royal are taught to mentor, inspire and guide students through attending various seminars, workshops, conferences and team-building exercises. They are made to understand that teaching is not a one way process. So classroom lectures are interactive sessions that involve active participation of students. Students are taught to think and reason logically, ask questions, discover and explore subjects and their areas of interest.